Sell Your DVDs Online With Major Retailers (Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble) by Self Distributing With Us! We offer DVD and VOD Distribution Solutions.

WELCOME TO Distribute-It! Film

Distribute-It! Film is devoted to the helping independent filmmakers find distribution that makes sense for their film. To do this, we focus on an effective distribution model that is totally filmmaker-driven, keeping filmmakers in control of their film in the marketplace. We can help filmmakers with feature films, smaller indie films and television find meaningful distribution in the global international market. Have a short film? We have a package for those, too!

You Now Have a Choice! Option A Pay $0 with a simple revenue share: 20% SDYF and YOU 80%. Option B Pay A Low Fee and Keep 100% of the Profits


Our model is a hybrid when compared to typical aggregators - get can help with professional advice and we group platforms for better deals!

Self Distribution with Distribute-It! Film. We offer a variety of streaming platforms, online retailers who continue to successfully market physical DVDs and small theatrical opportunities for filmmakers. A filmmaker working with us via self-distribution can do any or all of these things, at their own pace and maintain control of 100% of their profits. We offer the industry's LOWEST aggregator fees! Distribute-It! Film is different from other aggregators. We teach, we coach and we evaluate to give filmmakers professional advice that makes a difference! We offer deals for short films, series, documentaries and all features, even at the micro-budget level.

Our Guaranteed Basic Deal is affordable even for low budget films. It's a comprehensive package that will get your title where it can start making money! Add on services where we Pitch & Place in just about every outlet. Keep 100% of profits, Control costs, Manage your Marketing Strategy, and Maintain Complete Control of your title! Best of all, we can fast track some of the platforms, getting your title up and making money in as little as a week. So click the link below and start seeing your film profits every quarter!

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, Drama, Family, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Psycho-Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Science-Fiction, Supernatural Thriller, Thriller, Western and complete series and television shows. We do not accept porn.

Painted Horses Movie

What are you waiting for? You can get distribution for your title/series today! Click this link to get started. We open for you to see the platforms we can put your film on and the affordable pricing. click===========>

Distribute-It! Film is committed to helping independent filmmakers distribute their film and make money doing it. We offer educational webinars, effective self-distribution options and professional advice.

Sell Your DVDs Online With Major Retailers by Self Distributing With Us! We offer DVD and VOD Distribution Solutions.

THE NEW WAY FOR FILM DISTRIBUTION - Put your film/series/short in the marketplace on your terms! You keep control with 80% to 100% of your profits, your choice. Check out what we include in our packages:

Physical DVD Sales

We offer physical DVDs because they still do brisk sales! With Nandar, your Physical DVDs can be sold online at Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Nandar Movies and smaller retailers

See what your titles looks like at Walmart, Best Buy or Barnes & Noble.


Includes VOD: Amazon.com, Vimeo, NandarMovies.com Includes SVOD: Amazon Prime Includes AVOD: Roku, Nandar Movies and more

Our Database

Add your title listed in our Partner Database for other outlets to pickup. Example: Christian Cinema, FandangoNOW, Tubi TV, Hoopla, ScifiGo, UnReel, China Mobile, CozyFlix, Screambox, TBD TV, FlixOn TV and more.

Additional Major Retailers

We can add additional online retailers such as Best Buy & Barnes & Noble, Deep Discount & more.

Fast Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time is 7 to 10 days from the time we receive all your deliverables.

In addition to access, our service includes encoding, quality control and delivery to the platforms and you pay only for the distribution services or choose revenue sharing.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captions are required on all titles. If you do not have closed captioning, we can do it for you.

Need DVDs manufactured, we can help there too. 

Accounting Reports

Monthly accounting, reporting and payments sent to you. Payments sent via Venmo, Paypal or Check.

Keep 80% to100% of the Profits

You keep either 80% to 100% of your profits and all rights to your title. Which means you are free to sale anywhere you like.

Option A - Revenue Share 20/80

Option B - Pay a small fee and keep 100% of all profits.

What Our Clients Say


"Without a doubt the most efficient, thorough and together film delivery process from any independent producer I've worked with. Nancy tackled an incredibly difficult delivery schedule like a champion." Marc Clebanoff, Head of Global Sales, Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC

-Marc Clebanoff, Head of Global Sales, Odyssey Motion Pictures, LLC

Nandar Pictures

Distribute-It! is the Self-Distribution Arm of Nandar Pictures, LLC. 

e-Mail us at: mail@nandarpictures.com

Office: 1.800.969.6022 or 480.288.9725